Finally, Spain gets a glimpse of La Infanta Sofia

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4 May 2007, MADRID - Spaniards were finally to be treated to a sight of La Infanta Sofia on Friday when she emerged from hospital with her mother Princess Letizia.

4 May 2007

MADRID - Spaniards were finally to be treated to a sight of La Infanta Sofia on Friday when she emerged from hospital with her mother Princess Letizia.

The new princess, who was born five days earlier, left the Madrid hospital where she was born with Princess Letiia, Crown Prince Felipe and the couple's other daughter, La Infanta Leonor.

Princess Letizia, the wife of heir to the Spanish throne, gave birth to the couple's second child on Sunday afternoon in a Madrid hospital, the royal palace said.

Felipe revealed to reporters after the birth that he and his wife had named their new daughter Sofia, in honour of his mother the queen.

The new princess will be third in line for the throne, after her father and her older sister Leonor, who is just under a year-and-a-half old.

Sofia was delivered by Caesarean and was in a "perfect state of health," just like her mother, Dr. Luis Ignacio Recasens, the gynecologist heading the medical team that treated Letizia and the newborn, told the media.

The new princess weighed 3.31 kilograms (7 pounds 5 ounces) and measured 50 centimetres in length (19.7 inches).

Felipe said that he and Letizia were "thrilled" to name their new daughter after Queen Sofia, a choice in which they agreed with a comfortable majority of Spaniards, according to baby-naming surveys conducted recently by television channels and the online editions of the country's main dailies.

The crown prince said he was present at the delivery, during which he added that Letizia "was very calm" and he helped out "all I could," but he confessed that he was "a little nervous" because the Caesarean added a measure of uncertainty to the event.

Asked by reporters about the chances of Letizia bearing more children now that she has undergone two Caesareans to deliver her two offspring, Felipe said that it was too soon to speak about that, adding that at the moment "we have our plate full with work and happiness" in raising Leonor and Sofia.

Just as was done at the birth of Leonor, on this occasion also samples of blood from Sofia's umbilical cord will be preserved at two locations, a public hospital in Madrid and a private clinic in Europe.

From umbilical cord blood, doctors can extract stem cells that in the future could be used to solve potential medical problems the princess might encounter.

Felipe's second daughter will be, like her older sister Leonor, a princess of Spain and will receive royal treatment.

She will be third in line for the throne after her father, the crown prince, and Leonor.

The Spanish Constitution gives priority to males in the line of succession to the throne, but the fact that the latest offspring of the Prince of Asturias and his wife is another daughter puts off the moment at which the particulars of reforming the country's charter to eliminate discrimination against females must be dealt with, a matter upon which all parties are generally in agreement.

The birth of the king and queen's most recent grandchild comes just a few weeks prior to the third wedding anniversary of Letizia and Felipe - on May 22 - and shortly before the latter's 40th birthday.

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