Entrepreneurship: Main theme at VI International Event Forum of Family Business

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The VI Forum of Family Business 2008 will assemble in Gran Canaria more than 300 young businesspeople. It will be the second event with international extent

· This summit will take place from April 24th to 27th in Southern Gran Canaria, and it will be centered on “How to face family business family challenges”  

March 31st 2008. - One more year, the Family Business Institute and its Territorial Associations linked in Spain, convene new businesspeople generations of family companies to the VI International Event Forum of Family Business, a meeting point for enterprises handed by sons, daughters, nieces and other family siblings dedicated to manage these organizations.

During four days, from April 24th to 27th, more than 300 young people will meet in Gran Canaria to help next generations to explore the roles they are able to play as entrepreneur owners through experience sharing and interrelationships between them.  

Among the principals objectives of this VI International Event Forum of Family Business we can find enhancing the next generations’ knowledge about family firms, to solve and anticipate the worries of young businesspeople and favoring global network with the exchange of the best experiences, in a kind and amusing environment.

The international extend of this VI Forum of Family Business, is supported and promoted by the Family Business Network (FBN) and its division Next Generation which help to find out the possibilities and the breadth of business-owning families’ objectives beyond Spanish borderlines; it also promotes global integration of cultures and knowledge.

The theme proposed for this edition is “Entrepreneurship”, which requires a number of abilities as lobbying, leadership, decision making, innovation sense and the possibility of having an efficient team.

Next generations succession in the life cycle of a family company allows the appearance of phenomena, strange to unproductive status quo, since it stimulates and multiplies enterprise’s surplus: innovation in traditional activities or diversification in new businesses.  

These two possible business lines, as accurate as interesting, started out the work proposals of the sessions. They are the main stream of speeches - which in some way- pretend to demonstrate and explain company family impact and trascendency, its improvements and survival.

This VI International Event Forum of Family Business will count with the experiences of business groups as De Agostini and Ascoli Bottoni. They will be told on first person by Carlo Ferrari Ardicini, and Monica and Silvia Ascoli, respectively.

Besides, this forum will present “A tough nut to crack” by Ira Brick, director of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Family Business Center (Umass Center). This play is based on a true family company story, and will be performed by Inter-actuar.

Lectures and papers will support the congress. Conference speakers as Colin Turner, director of the Theseus International Management Institute in Sophia Antipolis -the European Silicon Valley- will intend to teach attendant public how to increase their attention, capacities and productivity to become “the millennium new directors”. Colin Turner’s books are best sellers, he has sold over a million copies in print, and they have been translated to 30 languages, including the Japan’s n º 1: “Born to success”.  He has promoted many multimillionaire entrepreneur companies since their beginnings.  

In parallel planes, but finally convergent, and due to the proximity of the Forum venue to African continent, It has been incorporated some cases of entrepreneurship from a vital angle and human being’s basic needs, and the impulse that oblige dramatic decision making in “life business”. That’s why there will be a conference about tools offered by Canarian Government for entrepreneurs and future investors in Africa. This conference will be developed by the General Direction of Economy of Economy and Tax Counselor of Canary Government.  

There will be the chance of sharing experiences with Yacine Ndiaye, Counselor of the Tourism and Air Transport of Senegal to talk about business opportunities for entrepreneurs in Africa; and also with Antonio Polo Alfaro, a Spanish businessman who will speak about his successful company business experience in the nearby continent. His speech will help to relativize the excuses used by “first world countries” to justify the lack of initiative, innovation actions and ‘Start up’. Here world journalism will contribute with its perspective about family business, through journalists Saliou Traore, EFE correspondent in Dakar, Nicolas Castellano, from Cadena Ser, and Juan Manuel Pardellas, director of Cadena Ser programs, and newspaper El País correspondent.

Gran Canaria: Forum 08 Venue

In this occasion, The Territorial Association of Family Business (Asociación Territorial de la Empresa Familiar de Canarias - EFCA) has been proposed by the IEF (Instituto de la Empresa Familiar/ Business Family Institute) to organize this meeting in the South of Gran Canaria. The event will take place specifically at Lopesan Costa Meloneras Hotel, nearby Maspalomas Beach in the municipality of San Bartolome de Tirajana.

The whole island, with its cultural, natural and human treasures, will receive those who intend to share this learning and holiday experience in one of the most welcoming, hospitable and warmest places of Spain.

The congress includes a wide enjoyment programme with collective leisure alternatives, which favors a pleasure atmosphere. Great lunches and Dinners, a tour to Ron Arehucas Factory, one of the elder Canary family business (founded in 1884), a golf contest, car racings, and other activities related to the place the event will take place on. This will allow sharing and reconciling successfully leisure and rest with diligent work.


· Asociación de la Empresa Familiar de Canarias –EFCA (Canary Family Business Association)

This non-profit-making organization was created to promote cooperation between Canary family companies, to enhance their strength by improving the business-owning families’ economical and social functions, and announcing the importance of them as a source of richness and recruitment in our region.

That’s why the Canarian association belongs to the territorial family business associations, linked to the Business family Institute through an agreement that promotes the organization of common activities and sharing documents and information.

EFCA was settled down officially in 1999; nowadays the board of directors is led by president Anil Partap and Youth Forum president Ana Suarez.

Its members generates an invoicing added level over 1.500 million Euros and the enterprises hire more than 18.000 employees per year.

Canary Business Profile:
- Higher percentage of family businesses in areas as commerce, primary industry (agriculture, cattle ranching and fishing).
- Near half of family companies develop their activity in the commercial subsector (a 49.6%).
- Family businesses adopt principally the juridical form of Limited Society (an 89%).
- 68% of Canarian family firms invoice less than 1.000.000 Euros.
- Seven out of ten Canarian family companies are between 6 and 25 years old.
- 82.7% of business- owning- families do not belong to any other business groups.

· Instituto de la Empresa Familiar –IEF (Family Business Institute)

The Family Business Institute is a non-profit-making Spanish area association, made up for a group of Family businesspeople. All its members join the board of directors of their own companies.  Since its foundation in 1992, the IEF has been consolidated as a qualified and rigorous interlocutor in topics about family companies and their development. This institute has experienced a crescent evolution, at the present, it’s formed by 104 companies, all of them national, European or even worldwide market leaders in different industry areas and services. Their invoicing average rises up to 150.000 million Euros.

Furthermore, the EIF has been the main dynamic force of the national territorial associations of family business, which withhold another 1.000 leading enterprises in their respective regions. Associations and Institutes have an invoicing of the 28% of Spanish G.I.P.

The EIF has conveyed to society the importance of family companies since they are concerned about their environment, and at the same time they’re considered sources of richness and recruitment.

Figures about family business in Spain

- The estimated number of family companies is around 1.5 million.
- 20% of the 1.000 largest companies are family business.
- 65 % of Spanish enterprises are family companies.
- Family businesses represent 65 % of the G.I.P.
- These companies represent 80 % of private job recruitment.
- They hire more tan 8 million people annually.
- They manage 60 % of import activities.
- About 10-15 % of settle down family enterprises reach succession to the 3rd generation.

· Family Business Network (FBN)

The Family Business Network (F.B.N) was created in 1990 in response of the widely demanded necessity of holding an exclusive association dedicated to improve leadership and management of family business worldwide.
FBN is a non-profit-making association which organizes education programs to encourage family firms -with the help of academic assessors- to share and network knowledge, and best practicing in this type of companies internationally.  The Family Business Institute (Instituto de la Empresa Familiar- IEF) is the exclusive Spanish Chapter of the  F.B.N.
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