ETA suspect confesses to half-dozen murders

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19 November 2004, MADRID- A suspected ETA member has confessed to taking part in six murders, police sources said.

19 November 2004

MADRID-  A suspected ETA member has confessed to taking part in six murders, police sources said.

Ibón Urrestarazu, who was arrested on Tuesday, is said to have admitted his part in the murders of two politicians, a businessman, a police chief and two police officers.

Meanwhile, police said they had arrested two more ETA suspects late on Thursday, bringing the number of members of the Basque separatist organisation detained in the past week to 19.

Xavier Balerdi and Andoni Cobos were arrested thanks to information obtained after the capture of Urrestatrazu and another ETA suspect, Alaitz Iturrioz.

Authorities linked Urrestatrazu and Iturrioz to separate attacks targeting Socialist deputy Iñaki Dubreil and businessman Juan Bautista Rubio Beloqui.

Dubreil was injured in a bomb attack in 2001, which killed two employees at an electronics store in the Basque city of San Sebastian, while Rubio was targeted by a car bomb that never exploded.

Urrestarazu, 43, and Iturrioz, 29, were arrested in the town of Ordizia, in the northern province of Guipuzcoa on Tuesday, the same day police arrested 15 other suspects in the Basque region and Navarre province.

The men allegedly put up two ETA militants in their shared home in 2000, got them a vehicle and helped with the purchase of materials for homemade bombs, according to the Interior Ministry.

The two are also suspected of gathering information on Rubio and Dubriel prior to the attacks and of using their home to store weapons and explosives for an ETA unit, authorities said.

Urrestarazu allegedly confessed to taking part in the murders of Joseba Pagazaurtundua, chief of police in the Basque town of Andoain, Manuel Gimenez Abad, chairman of the Popular Party (PP) in Aragon, and Jose Javier Mugica, city councilman in Leiza, Navarre, police told EFE news agency.

He is also said to have admitted playing a part in the murders of two officers from the Basque regional police force in November 2001.

Urrestarazu allegedly admitted being involved in planting a car bomb which killed the businessman Jose Maria Korta in August 200.

Pagazaurtundua was shot dead as he was having his breakfast in a bar in February 2003.

Giménez Abad was shot as he took his son to a football match in Zaragoza in May 2001.

Mugica was blown up by a bomb planted in his lorry in July 2001.

Urrestarazu was arrested on 16 November in Ordizia, in the Basque Country in part of a major operation against the Basque terrorist organisation.

Police sources said it was unclear if Urrestarazu would repeat his alleged  confessions before a court.

So far this year, more than 100 members  of ETA have been detained by Spanish and French anti-terrorist police.

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