Driver accuses judge of pulling out gun

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"You don't know who you're dealing with," locksmith claims adversary said during road rage incident.

19 December 2007

MADRID - A young locksmith was surprised this week to find out that the driver he alleges pointed a gun at him during a highway confrontation is a judge from one of Spain's top legal institutions, the Constitutional Court.

A court in the Madrid suburb of Móstoles is currently investigating the claim filed by Vicente Garcerán Martínez, 24, following an argument on the night of 13 July with another driver on a road in Boadilla del Monte, to the west of the capital.

Garcerán Martínez, who has a criminal record for car theft, said that when he berated the other driver for nearly running him off the road, the man took out a gun and made threats. "You don't know who you're dealing with. I'm a judge," said the man, according to the locksmith.

Although the other man's identity was a mystery at first because his car plates were not in police files for security reasons, it later transpired that it was Roberto García-Calvo, 65, a conservative judge at the Constitutional Court.

García-Calvo, who did not know he was being investigated, told EL PAÍS that he never drew a gun on Garcerán Martínez, although he admitted to owning several firearms, including a Beretta pistol and several rifles that he uses for hunting, his great passion. The judge said he never carries the pistol on his person. "My bodyguards do that for me," he said.

Garcerán Martínez, who did not know the man, described him to police as "around 60 years old, 1.72 meters tall, greying hair and a mole above his mouth."

"I was going out for a drink with my wife in Boadilla that night," he said. "I was driving my father's car, a BMW 530. Suddenly, a dark green Toyota Land Cruiser bore down on us. I had to brake and swerve to one side to avoid him - he was driving us right off the road. The man at the wheel seemed to be talking on his cell phone or looking at papers, and he drifted into the other lane and nearly hit us. So I pulled even with him and yelled 'Are you nuts? You nearly hit me!' He started screaming like a banshee. I don't know whether he was upset or what. He overtook me and braked suddenly, to make me brake. So I did the same thing to him. He stopped, got out and showed me an ID card that said he was a judge or something. He said: 'You don't know who you're dealing with.' And he went to the trunk and took out a gun."

It emerged yesterday that the Supreme Court will investigate the case, as judges can only be tried by the highest tribunal.


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