Doctors deny negligence in heroic professor coma case

26th August 2008, Comments 0 comments

The Madrid regional government denies doctors have acted negligently in treating Jesús Neira who fell into a coma three days after he was assaulted.

26 August 2008

MADRID -- The Madrid regional government on Monday denied that doctors had acted negligently in treating an assault victim who fell into a coma three days after the attack.

Jesús Neira, a 55-year-old professor, was attacked by 44-year-old Antonio Puerta in the lobby of a Madrid hotel on 2 Aug after he had come to the defence of a woman being mistreated by Puerta. He fell into coma on 6 Aug after visiting a health clinic and two hospitals.

"Mr Neira is in a coma because of the attack," Salvador Vitoria, a legal representative of the Madrid regional government, said Monday, denying negligence on the part of the four doctors who treated him.

However, Neira's family argue that they should have scanned his head after such an attack, which may have revealed the injuries that put him in a coma.

Three doctors testified before a judge in Majadahonda Monday, with Neira's family threatening a malpractice lawsuit if investigators fail to find evidence of criminal negligence.

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