Coslada police extortion squad accused of pimping

26th May 2008, Comments 0 comments

New investigation reveals that Coslada officers accused earlier of extorting from local bars are also involved in pimping activities.

26 May 2008

MADRID - An extortion and protection racket allegedly run by local police officers in the Madrid suburb of Coslada also extended to pimping, according to new evidence revealed by investigators following the arrest of 26 officers earlier in May.

The officers are accused of extorting local bars, restaurants and nightclubs and of apparently receiving "favours" from prostitutes. At least one of the officers may also have helped local pimps.

The officer, Carlos M.G., believed to be the deputy leader of the organization after Coslada police chief Ginés Giménez, apparently worked with three Romanians to lease out street corners to prostitutes in the Vicálvaro industrial estate. The Romanians would charge the prostitutes between
EUR 150 and EUR 200 per week and would call on Giménez to intimidate the girls into paying up.

In exchange, Giménez, who would patrol the estate armed and in uniform in a police car, would allegedly receive sexual favours from the girls. Investigators are also trying to determine whether his Romanian associates shared the money with him, and if other officers were involved.

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