Child-trafficking Spanish ring busted

22nd July 2008, Comments 1 comment

A criminal gang that illegally helped Spanish families adopt African children have been arrested.

22 July 2008

JAEN - Police have broken up a criminal gang posing as a charity that illegally helped Spanish families adopt African children.

The two alleged leaders of the group, both Equatorial Guinean nationals with Spanish citizenship, were arrested Monday in the southern Spanish city of Granada, along with the Equatorial Guinean grandmother of one of the children and the girl's prospective adoptive parents.

The ring, which called itself Black Africa, came to the attention of police after the Spanish couple filed with social services to become foster parents for the two-year-old girl who had been brought to Spain by her grandmother and supposedly abandoned.

Under Spanish law, foster parents can adopt the child after a period of time - a procedure that the group apparently used to help four other families adopt African children, charging them each around EUR 20,000.

[El Pais / Gines Donaire / Expatica]

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  • Graham Perry posted:

    on 17th June 2010, 11:06:37 - Reply

    CHILD TRAFFICKING REFLECTS THE VERY SAD STATE OF TODAYS SOCIETY! --Please spare a thought for young innocent, vulnerable missing British Citizen Madeleine McCann, now just seven years old. Madeleine disappeared from Portugal in May 2007. With everyones help we can bring young Madeleine back to her loving family in the United Kingdom, thanyou. GOD PROTECT YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU MADELEINE.