Catalans to get compensation for Barcelona blackout

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Residents hit by the electricity blackout this week will be able to claim compensation.

27 July 2007

BARCELONA – Residents in Barcelona who were hit by the electricity blackout this week will be able to claim compensation from Monday, Catalonia’s regional government leader has said.

If found to be at fault for the blackout, electricity company Endesa and network operator Red Electrica could also face fines of up to EUR 30 million, said Jose Montilla on Friday.

Montilla made his promises after meeting Endesa’s chief executive and Red Electrica’s chairman on Friday morning.

Both companies have blamed each other since the shortcircuiting on Monday and it is still not clear who was responsible for the failure which has badly damaged the electricity network and the powerstation Maragall.

"We apologise to the citizens because the blackout has affected thousands of people and although the responsibility for what has happened isn’t the regional government’s because it doesn’t produce or sell kilowatts, we understand that it is unacceptable that a basic service like this fails", said Montilla.

Compensation will depend on the number of days a home or business has been without power and can be paid either through a bank transfer or through up to 10 percent discounts on an annual electricity bill.

Customers can claim compensation through Endesa's customer service department and can also take a claim to the consumer arbitration authority.

Although investment in Barcelona’s network has increased in the last few years, consumption of electricity has also climbed by 140 percent since 2000, meaning further investment was needed, said Montilla.

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