Car thieves break into Jaguar dealer using bombs

23rd July 2008, Comments 0 comments

The thieves broke into store with explosives and took off with several Jaguar cars within 15 minutes.

23 July 2008

MADRID - Inhabitants of the northern Madrid neighbourhood of Chamberí were abruptly awoken by a "very loud roar" in the early morning hours of Tuesday morning when thieves broke into a Jaguar car dealer with explosives.

María, a woman living right above the dealer on Bretón street, said that she was woken in the early hours of the morning when she heard a "huge racketing" sound like an explosion.

She then watched as several Jaguar cars started to file out of the dealership "just like in the movies” at high speed. Shocked by what she was seeing, María said that the armed robbers had blocked the street to assist them in the robbery.

Another person from the neighborhood, who filmed the robbery from a local café, said he also heard a huge noise just prior to the removal of the cars.

An employee of a nearby bar assured authorities that the robbers were "professionals" because of the speed at which they had carried out the crime. The robbery had been carried out in 10 or 15 minutes, he estimated.

This "ramraiding" robbery technique was also used on 7 July by another group of criminals who tried to break into a Gucci store for the second time in Milla de Oro, located in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid.

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