Canariasmediafest begins in Spain

10th October 2008, Comments 1 comment

Gran Canaria festival displays art and technology from 23 October to 1 November.

10 October 2008  

MADRID -- "In the era of global and trans-national mobility, the new windows on reality are electronic devices", says Claudia Giannetti, artistic director of Canariasmediafest, a festival focusing on digital creation.
The event, in its 13th year, displays art that uses new technologies and encourages reflection on how this technology is transforming the way we interact with the world and with each other.
The festival began in 1988, making it a pioneer of the art-and-technology genre in Spain. Since 1996, it was held every two years with the goal of finding new talent, although organisers try to attract established artists as well.

“Por la ventana...afuera” (Through the Window...Outside) is the theme that unites exhibitions, panel discussions and workshops over the course of six days.

There will be competitions for videos, media art, documentaries and animation. Members of the jury include established artists such as Cao Guimaraes, a Brazilian filmmaker and visual artist who showed his work at some of the world's major contemporary art museums.

According to artistic director Giannetti, the festival offers "a penetrating glance that invites us to cross the threshold of the window on the apparent world, like “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, and wonder if we are not already on the other side without realising it".

Canariasmediafest will take place 23 October to 1 November at Gran Canaria Espacio Digital and other venues.

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  • Victoria posted:

    on 13th October 2008, 08:45:52 - Reply

    Hey that sounds interestingly, I must admit I had not heard of it before. Am I blind or what? I'd like to see something this year though and maybe I can write about it on my site