Burger King to withdraw offensive ad in Spain

16th April 2009, Comments 0 comments

The advertisement which appears in Spain and Britain shows a diminutive Mexican wrestler donning a Mexican flag cloak and standing next to a tall and slim American cowboy.

MADRID – US fast-food chain Burger King promised Wednesday to withdraw an advertisement in Spain and Britain featuring a wrestler wrapped in a Mexican flag, after Mexico's ambassador to Madrid slammed it as offensive.

In the television and poster advertisements for Burger King's Texican Whopper burger, a short, paunchy Mexican appears alongside a tall, slim and handsome American cowboy to symbolise the cross-border mix of flavours of the product.

In a letter sent to the chain's headquarters in Spain, Mexican ambassador to Madrid Jorge Zemeno Infante Tuesday said the advertisement denigrated the image of his country and improperly used the Mexican flag.

"It presents a stereotype of Mexicans that does not correspond to our reality," he said.

"The respect for our flag is such that in Mexico there are clear laws which establish when our national symbols can be used. As I result, I kindly ask that you consider withdrawing this advertisement, which offends Mexico and Mexicans."

Burger King said Wednesday that the advertisement, released in Spain and Britain, was aimed at "promoting a product whose culinary origin is the fusion of American and Mexican cultures."

But it promised to "revise" the campaign "out of respect for Mexican culture and the citizens of Mexico."

The new advertisement "will focus on the Texican Whopper and will not include any persons nor make use of the Mexican flag," Burger King said in a statement issued in Spanish.

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