Black cocaine smuggling increases in Spain

19th February 2008, Comments 0 comments

The drug is undetectable to sniffer dogs and regular tests.

19 February 2008

MADRID - Increasing amounts of black cocaine are being smuggled to Spain, with police discovering couriers of the drug which is undetectable to sniffer dogs and regular tests, the daily El Mundo reported Tuesday.

Police detained two Romanian women whose bags had inner linings made with the rubber-like substance, press reports said.

Flying in from Brazil, the women made a stopover in Portugal, deliberately left their bags at Lisbon airport, and then requested them to be brought to a Madrid hotel, in an attempt to mislead police.

Police seized 16 kilos of the drug. The haul, which was destined for the Dutch market, was estimated to be worth EUR 1 million.

Black cocaine is a combination of regular cocaine and various chemicals, making it very difficult to detect.

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