Backlash against immigrants after murder

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6 May 2005, MADRID — The murder of a young Spaniard has lead to a backlash against immigrants in one Madrid neighbourhood.

6 May 2005

MADRID — The murder of a young Spaniard has lead to a backlash against immigrants in one Madrid neighbourhood.

Groups of Spaniards from Villaverde beat up and spit on several Latin American immigrants following the funeral of the man believed to have been murdered by a Dominican, local media reported.

Tensions rose late on Wednesday, after the burial of the popular young man, when some of his school friends staged a street protest that eventually drew some 500 people.

Roving groups of  the victim's friends assaulted at least seven Dominicans and Ecuadorians, and they attacked stores run by foreigners, local media reported.

The window of a shop for making international telephone calls was smashed, but no one was injured.

Even so, the man running the store, a Latin American identified only as Patricio, told the Spanish daily 'El Pais' that "since then, they have not stopped insulting and threatening us". Riot police put an end to the disturbances in the area.

On Monday night, a 17-year-old Spaniard died after being stabbed twice by a 19-year-old Dominican. The assailant was arrested on Wednesday and confessed to the stabbing.

Police said the confrontation between the young men began over use of a water fountain in a public park.

"People are really angry, but we're not to blame. We all can't pay for a few bad Dominicans," Gustavo, who owns another call centre, told the Spanish daily 'El Mundo', adding that he decided to close his business because he was afraid.

'EL Mundo' reported that groups of young Spaniards were roving the neighbourhood "hunting suspicious immigrants".

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