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Last update on June 24, 2021
Written by Sarah Harvey and Andrea Martins

Once the initial excitement of your move to Spain fades and you settle in as an expat, you might start to question your role and identity as a woman in this new country.

To help the ladies make the most out of their time in Spain, follow these top tips for expat women.

Stay physically and mentally active

If you feel like your move to Spain stripped you of your identity, it’s vital that you rebuild your sense of self.

Whatever the reason for moving to Spain, it’s important to stay positive and keep your motivation high. When you are feeling lost, homesick, or frustrated, do your best to fight those feelings in a healthy way; stay both physically and mentally active.

Start exercising or join a Spanish sports club, socialize with new people, travel and explore new places, start a hobby, start a private journal or write a public blog, or attend motivational seminars. Learning Spanish is not only a great way to stimulate your mind; it’s also a great way to start feeling like a local. If you’re in the mood for romance, consider female-friendly online dating sites. Succumbing to the expat blues may feel comfortable, but experiencing new things can help get you out of your funk.

Get to work (or play)

Looking for work? Think creatively about what you can do. Don’t limit yourself to looking for the same job from back home. In case you cannot work in your field of choice in Spain, consider working virtually (groups on Facebook such as Female Digital Nomads is an excellent source of advice) if your industry is suited to it. If not, you can always go back to school to study and earn a new degree in Spain, learn a new area of work, or, if your Spanish visa permits, start a business in Spain.

If you’re not looking for a job but still want to contribute your time, try volunteering; there are many worthy organizations in Spain that need volunteers, whether you’re looking to spend your time with animals, youths, the elderly, and anyone in need.

Join an expat group for women

Everybody needs a network, whether they’re personal support networks or professional ones. Expat executives need to network to facilitate business and gain local credibility; all expat women need to network to make friends, learn and share local advice, or have people to turn to especially if there is an emergency in which you need some moral support or even practical help.

Get involved with a social, professional, sports, political or exclusively women’s organizations. Spain has a supportive expatriate community. New expats often feel very welcome; you just need to make sure you’re proactive about seeking them out.

Check out some of the most popular expat groups in Spain that are focused on women:


Barcelona Women’s Network
International Women’s Club of Barcelona
Girl Gone International Barcelona


American Women’s Club of Madrid
International Newcomers Club of Madrid
Girl Gone International: Madrid


American Women’s Club of Seville


International Women’s Club Valencia
Girls in Valencia

Other expat groups can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Meetup. You could even try Bumble BFF, which is a spin on their dating app for making friends, not finding partners. Language exchanges, often organized via Facebook public events, are also a great way to make friends and improve your language skills at the same time.

Seek out a mentor

A mentor can offer invaluable knowledge gained from years of living in Spain, especially if she is an expat herself. You can find a mentor anywhere: local business associations, expat clubs, community liaison officers in your own organization if you have a workplace, and entrepreneurs who may even help you kickstart your own business.

Expat life coaches, who help expats adjust to their new lives, may also function as a mentor.

Stay open-minded

Living abroad changes you – in fact, a recent study showed that “living abroad can clarify your sense of self” and lead to deeper self-reflection. Women may struggle with their new identify as an expat, but staying open to new experiences, ways of life and perspectives can help establish a newer, stronger woman within.