MoneySaverSpain: Special accommodation requirements in Spain

MoneySaverSpain: Special accommodation requirements in Spain

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A simple guide on how to find specialist hotels in Spain for those with specific requirements, such as pets, special needs, naturalists, and even renting a balcony for festivals.

Anyone knows how to find hotel accommodation in Spain just by using one of the many comparison websites such as or However when you need something very specific, we have some tips on where to find it.

Want to travel with your dog?
Leaving your dog at kennels while you have a holiday can be expensive and for some people it can be quite traumatic too. Check out, a website that’s growing and collecting information about hotels that allow dogs. Tip: Make sure you check the specific terms for each hotel, as some will only accept dogs under 5kg or 10kg.

Hotels only for adults
Spain is traditionally a family destination, however niche markets such as adults-only hotels are in growing demand by couples. So whether you don’t like children or just want to take a break away from your own brood, there are hotels in Spain that will only let over-18s stay. Try Mur Hotels website for hotels in the Canary Islands or their more general website (currently goes through for over 280 hotels in different countries.

Really last minute hotel bookings
For those last minute requirements you’ll probably be better off with an app. Check out (or their English version to see what their app does. Their website states that discounts of up to 50 percent are available, but if you have the possibility (and the time) it might be worth comparing anyway.

People with special needs
Theoretically hotels should not have architectural barriers for people with special needs (such as wheelchair users), however sometimes people are disappointed when they arrive at a hotel to find that not all areas are accessible. If you visit you’ll be able to find hotels in Spain (and a few in other countries) with details about the amenities available.

MoneySaverSpain: Special accommodation requirements in SpainNaturist hotels in Spain
Although there are plenty of beaches that are indicated for naturists in Spain, finding a hotel is a bit more difficult as there still aren’t many. For general accommodation info you could try the list at

Spanish hostels
We recently posted an article on hostels and explained why they’re a viable alternative to hotels. Rather than special requirements, hostels offer just a basic package that should cover most travellers’ needs. Don’t forget to check comments about each location on websites such as Trip Advisor.

Rent a home, spare room or couch
As an alternative to hotels and hostels, websites such as Airbnb are gaining popularity. Why not also take a look at Spanish startup On both sites you’ll be able to find everything from a palace to a small apartment.

Rent a balcony for a festival
We were recently introduced to that offers balconies for rent in cities such as Seville (for Easter), Pamplona (for the running of the bulls) and Valencia (Las Fallas). They’re definitely not cheap, so if you really want to see a special event consider getting an out-of-town hotel (eg. with NH Express or similar lowcost chain) and renting the balcony for only one day.

Pay by hours
No, this is not for what you think!! As hotels have been hit hard by the recession, some hotels offer the chance to reserve a number of hours only rather than the full daily rate in order to increase room occupancy. Hourly rates are useful for travellers, giving them the chance to rest and shower. At you can choose from packs of 3, 6, 12 hours (as well as days) and you can search for hotels near airports, stations or hospitals.



Reprinted with permission of Money Saver Spain.

Maxine Raynor runs the website, which details tips on how to stretch your budget while living and travelling in Spain. You can also find her on Twitter @MoneySaverSpain.


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