Editor's Guide: Expat Voices in Spain

Editor's Guide: Expat Voices in Spain

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Read this brief guide to learn more about our Expat Voices section and share your thoughts on life in Spain by filling out a questionnaire.

Our Expat Voices series gives the international community a chance to share their perspectives on life in Spain. We now have four different Expat Voices questionnaires catered to artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and expats with opinion in general. Want to be published? Fill one out!

Expat Voices

Our original Expat Voices questionnaire invites you to share your initial experience of living in Spain. We ask about shopping, food, language, culture and what you like most and least about living in Spain. Read why Singaporean Nellie Huang can’t seem to stay away from the country, or what retired British expat Michael St. John-Hall would change about siestas and noise levels in Baeza. Audrey Hill, can even comment on expat life in more than one Spanish location, like Seville, Segovia and Madrid.

Expat Entrepreneur

Our Expat Entrepreneurs questionnaire invites entrepreneurs in Spain to share their experiences of setting up and running their businesses abroad. Gwendolyn Alston of MocaMedia shares how difficult it was for locals to catch on to new ideas and other challenges she faced while setting up her video-based informative website while Samantha Sintes narrates the many hurdles she and her business partner had to overcome before their online store was set up.



The encouragement and tips offered by the entrepreneurs participating in this series makes these interviews an invaluable read for those contemplating starting a business in Spain. Emma Grenham from Kids in Barcelona talks about how setting up a business in Spain is best when catering towards an existing Spanish market. British expat entrepreneur Nadine Kazerounian tells about her image consultancy business in Spain, and that in order to gain trust among local business culture it's important to show up at events and be a networking pro.

Expat Writer

Expat Writer questionnaires are for published journalists and authors (online and print) with established success as a writer in Spain. Read what regular blogger Jeremy Holland has to say about the vibrant street life of Barcelona and all its chaotic ways, or how Nick Snelling in Valencia advises budding writers to get involved with the internet as it allows them to go far beyond conventional publishing.

Expat Artist

How has living abroad influenced your work as an artist?  Our Expat Artist questionnaire finds out more about your life as an international artist in Spain and asks about your creative work, how you experience the local artistic community and the kinds of financial support which are available to artists working in Spain. Share your thoughts!

Inviting your ideas for a new Expat Voices questionnaire

If you have any other ideas for Expat Voices questionnaires, then please send an email to editorES@expatica.com and put ‘Suggestion for Expat Voices in Spain’ in the subject line.

Joining Expat Voices

We'd love to hear what you have to say about life in Spain. To add your voice and receive the questionnaire, click on oue of our links below to the questionnaire of choice. We also invite you to share images and a video which you feel conveys more about your life abroad. Click below!

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