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Como Consulting: 10 must-have apps to perfect your Spanish

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Gone are the days of writing hundreds of flashcards to help memorise Spanish verbs – here are 10 app replacements to help you reach Spanish fluency.

Rather than mindlessly tapping through Facebook on your morning commute or flicking through Instagram while in line at the bank, consider converting your usual downtime routines into valuable language learning moments by downloading a few new apps to your smartphone.

Becoming fluent is only possible by creating a daily habit of learning Spanish – here are 10 must-have apps to help push your Spanish learning.

Dictionaries, translators and vocabulary builders


WordReference.com: One of the world’s most popular dictionary pages is also available straight on your phone and completely free. There’s the traditional ES-EN and EN-ES to consult translations plus forums on tricky phrases and colloquial terminology to browse. Plus, save your searches and words to review later.

 Get it: Android | iPhone


Word Lens Translator App

Word Lens Translator: Don’t get stuck accidentally ordering tripe off the menú del día; this mind-blowing app uses your phone’s camera to instantly translate text, and best of all, it doesn’t need internet connectivity! Some of the translations come out a bit funky, but the cool factor makes this app a must have.

 Get it: Android | iPhone


Spanish Verbs Apps

Spanish Verbs: Having trouble with those pesky reflexive verbs, still confused by the subjunctive or recently forgotten the vosotros form? This free app instantly provides the full conjugation of thousands of verbs along with audio files to get your pronunciation just right. The popular Android app even boasts a grammar section for a quick review of when to use each tense. Still struggling? Download their sister app – Spanish Verb Trainer – to test yourself!

Get it: Android | Looking for an Apple equivalent to join the conjugation nation? Try ConjuVerb, rated #1 by About.com as the best iOS app for learning Spanish.


Anki Apps

Anki: Fans of flashcards can try Anki, an app which allows you to digitally carry thousands of flashcards on your mobile phone. Upload your own to use and share, or search the Anki database for examples. And why stick to just verbs and vocabulary? Once you’ve got all of your lists down, consider memorising the 50 Spanish provinces or the capitals of every Spanish-speaking country!

 Get it: Android | iPhone


Games, puzzles and contests

DuoLinguo Game Apps

DuoLinguo: Considered to be the best free language learning app on the market, DuoLinguo has an arsenal of topics, vocabulary and short lessons, which leave no excuse but to try it out. Give it a whirl while you’re waiting in line at the supermarket or extranjería.

Get it: Android | iPhone


Busuu Mobile Apps

Busuu: Developed by IE Business grads in Spain, Busuu uses easy navigation, a social network to keep you motivated and progressively harder tasks to help you improve your skills. It’s free and combines listening and writing tasks as well.


Get it: Android | iPhone

Mindsnacks mobile apps

Mindsnacks: Though only available for Apple devices, Mindsnacks is a fun way to use bite-sized lessons to review vocabulary and phrases through games and puzzles. Though you can’t go further than vocabulary and conversation, the app also has conjugation tips and tricks.


Get it: iPhone


Listening and Speaking

SpeakTribe Spanish Moblie Apps

SpeakTribe Spanish: For those looking for more listening and speaking practice, download SpeakTribe, in which native speakers help you learn and correct your acento. Sorry iOS users – this app is for Android only.

 Get it: Android


HelloTalk Language Exchange Mobile Apps

HelloTalk Language Exchange: Meet native speakers, translate and get real-time pronunciation help with this app, which operates in 82 languages and has users in nearly 200 countries!

Get it: Android | iPhone


Full (paid) courses

Babbel Mobile Apps

Babbel – If you’re looking for an extensive course integrating all language skills, consider paying for the full version of Babbel, whose methodology covers absolute beginners to advanced.


Get it: Android | iPhone

Do you use any other cell phone apps to learn Spanish? Share them in the comments.

Reprinted with permission from Como Consulting

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