Two-floor traditional sierra house in the middle of the Natural Park of Sierra del Segura. It has electric light and water, and public services. The house is partially excavated in the mountain, so the temperature inside is practically constant. In the main floor there is a dining room with a chimney, a kitchen and a bathroom. In the second floor there are two double bedrooms. It also has a woodshed.
The environment is unique, surrounding by mountains. In the night you can see thousands of stars, because is one the cleanest skies in Earth. Two rivers run in the near, really cold water, because is so pure (Madera river, and Segura river), where you can swim in beautiful natural pools, with nobody around, among real and wild nature.


  • Nightly: 68.00 EUR
  • Weekly: 400.00 EUR
  • Monthly: 1000.00 EUR
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