My name Generosa and members of my family are Juan Luis and Breogán. We live in a traditional Galician stone house with barn. the house is located in a quiet little village of only 20 houses. In the village there is a playground. Tea river is only 100 meters. The house is on 2 floors, on the ground floor is the kitchen, dining room, living room and a toilet. At ground floor level there are two adjoining edificiaciones, open for garage and closed outra intended boiler and washing machine. The house has an area destined to front garden with a fish pond, vineyard and some fruit. Destra of the house there is a small land destined to garden and fruit. Geni is 44 and likes to learn foreign languages, gardening, nature, and science. She speaks Galician, Castilian and a little English. Juan Luis is 48 and likes sports, cooking, and nature.The Galician and Castilian speaking Breogán is 7 and likes sports and nature. The Galician and Castilian-speaking


  • Nightly: 22.00 EUR

House Facilities

  • Internet Access
  • Laundry
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