My house is 2 miles from downtown area Vinaròs LLavateres 14. Our interests range from car and bike racing to music, concerts, festivals. We have 1 available Simple clothes cabinet, Mirror, Refrigerator, Desk and lamp, and Radio. Maria Amparo has 52 She speaks English and Spanish and enjoys sports, music, concerts, festivals, painting, learning foreign languages, gardening, nature and Juan Francisco has 51 English and Spanish spoken and likes sports, reading, gardening, nature, and car and bike racing Iris is 30 and likes music, concerts, festivals, painting, and fashion design. We speak English and Spanish Sandro is 25 and likes sports, movies, music, concerts, festivals, reading, travel, learn languages, nature, and board games. We speak English, Finnish, and Spanish


  • Nightly: 43.00 EUR

House Facilities

  • Internet Access
  • Laundry
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