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Home News Spanish study reveals pharaohs sipped wine

Spanish study reveals pharaohs sipped wine

Published on 06/06/2006

6 June 2006

BARCELONA — A study has revealed that the three amphoras or vases found in the burial chamber of King Tutankhamen contained three different types of wine.

The new findings, published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, were particularly important because they showed that the Egyptians were making white wine 1,500 years earlier than previously believed.

The study, led by University of Barcelona researcher Rosa Maria Lamuela-Raventos, found remnants in the amphoras of red, white and “shedeh” wine, a sweeter and more processed variety.

The type of grape used by the ancient Egyptians to make their wines have been debated for decades.

But according to the authors, this study is the first to demonstrate the existence of three different types of wines, thanks to an analysis of the 3,300-year-old remains.

The University of Barcelona research project was based on an analysis of residue in the bottom of the vessels from the wine, which evaporated centuries ago.

In ancient Egypt, grapes were grown extensively and wine was consumed by the upper classes at meals and parties, as well as being used in funerals and as an offering to the gods.

The best wines came from the Nile delta and the western oases. In Egyptian mythology, red was associated with the colour of the Nile during its annual floods.

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