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Socialists expected to win Euro elections

Published on 04/06/2004

4 June 2004

MADRID – Spain’s governing Socialists are set to win a clear victory over the conservative Popular Party in the 13 June European Parliament elections, it was predicted Friday.

The state-owned Centre of Sociological Investigations (CIS) forecast that the Socialists (PSOE) would lead the PP by almost 10 percent, taking 46.3 percent of the popular vote compared to 36.7 percent for the PP.

That would give the PSOE some 27 seats in the upcoming European Union Parliament, or five more than the PP.

If the poll results are right, the PP will continue their downward descent started by the shock Socialist win in the 14 March general elections.

The majority Communist coalition United Left, or IU, which is running in alliance with the Green Party under the banner IU-ICV, is expected to obtain 4.4 percent of the vote and two seats on the European legislature.

It should equal the separatist Galeusca-Peoples of Europe coalition, which shows 5 percent support.

Galeusca-Peoples of Europe is a umbrella group of Galician, Basque and Catalonian separatist political parties.

Spain had 64 deputies in the 1999-2004 parliament.

Twenty-eight were from the PP, with 24 from the PSOE and the rest from smaller parties.

But now, following the signing of the Nice Treaty, Spain will have a 54-seat representation in the European body after the 13 June elections.

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