Working in Spain
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Minimum wage and average salary in Spain

Minimum wage and average salary in Spain

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What is the minimum wage in Spain? Find out the Spanish minimum wage and average salary in Spain to help you estimate your expected average wage as an expat.

Employment contracts in Spain

Spanish labour law: Employment contracts


If you have been offered a job in Spain, here's a guide to employment contracts in Spain, from negotiating your Spanish contract to terminating employment.

Holiday leave and maternity in Spain

Spanish labour laws: Working time and leave


A guide to the maximum number of working hours per week, and the leave you are entitled to while working in Spain, including holiday leave and maternity leave.

Employment law for mothers in Spain

Madre law: A mother's rights in the workplace


Lawyer Mònica Tornadijo Sabaté and explain how Spain's employment laws can work in the favour of new mothers who are returning to work.

Working in Europe

EU legislation protects expat employees

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How much are European expats protected by European legislation? Here’s a brief guide to the essential EU legislation provisions for expats working in Europe.

A career and kids: the balancing act


Spain is importing parts of different work-parenting models, offering varying options for parents to balance their working life in Spain with raising children.

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