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Willem Koper
Willem Koper

Hallo Willem,
I'm Brazilian, recently moved to Barcelona after living for 2 years in The Netherlands, with a 7 months student visa (valid until October) to take a TEFL certificate and develop my teaching skills further. However I intent to stay in Spain for at least 2 years to be able to claim my Spanish nationality because my mom (born in Brazil) got hers. I'm also a web designer.
I need to have a regular resident permit (not student one) to start counting my 2 years for the nationality and I was thinking of registering as autònomo.
Is it too difficult, or does it take a long time, to change from the student permit to the autònomo one?
Thank you for your time!

by Thaís Guimarães dos Santos on 10 May 2016 Read Answer
Willem Koper
Willem Koper

I am a UK citizen who has been working here in Spain with a language academy since January 2015 initially on an internship but as of 01/03/2016 I was put on a (6 month) temporary contract. Recently they have stated they will be closing the academy next month in this area but have failed to contact me directly regarding this. Is there any opportunity for me to claim any sort of compensation, whether it's paying for me to relocate to another one of their academies of the fact they will be breaking the conditions of the contract?
Thank you for your time,

by Elliot Grant on 21 Apr 2016 Read Answer
Willem Koper
Willem Koper

Hi Mr. Koper,

I am from India. I came for studies to Finland in 2014 and have a valid Residence Permit in Finland so I can travel to Spain freely. Now I got a job offer from Spain with also the contract. The position is in Leon, Spain. I want to ask if I can just go to Leon and apply first for the work permit (or my employer does that?) and then apply for the work and residency visa? Or do I have to go back to India and submit my application there?

by Kushal Kumar on 20 Apr 2016 Read Answer
Willem Koper
Willem Koper


I am a US Citizen and am going to take a spanish course in Barcelona starting in September for 3 months so I was going to apply for a student visa. However, if I want to live there longer and work there, will I be able to apply for a work visa while I am already in Spain?


by Jeel on 19 Apr 2016 Read Answer
Willem Koper
Willem Koper

Hello, I appreciate your help,
My name is Robin I am a Canadian and will be receiving a work permit through a Finnish company. I am planning to be in Spain for some time after. 6 months to a year.
1. Can I work in Spain with my Finnish (EU)work permit?
2. Do I have to leave every 3 moths?
3 If yes, can I fly to a non EU country then fly right back and start the 90 over?

I really appreciate your help- navigation all these government websites is quite daunting.


by Robin on 13 Apr 2016 Read Answer
Willem Koper
Willem Koper

Hello Willem,

I am currently working as a teacher in Madrid. My employer knows that I am considering leaving at the end of this academic year. However, they are trying to force me to make a decision and hand my notice in or sign a contract saying I am going to stay. In my contract it only says a months notice (which would be end of July!). They also want to advertise my job even though I haven't handed my notice in. Is this legal? Also, they have offered me a pay rise to try to get me to stay but only if I sign a contract promising to stay. Again, what are my rights if I sign it and then get a job in a few months time? I am worried it if i don't sign it and dont end up leaving then I will not get the pay rise. Any advice over what my employer can legally do would be a massive help and what my next steps should be. Thanks.


by Rachel Green on 11 Apr 2016 Read Answer
Willem Koper
Willem Koper

I'm a Singaporean, and Spain tourist visa is not required for citizens of Singapore for a stay up to 90 days.
I'm looking for a stagiaire(a cook who works briefly, for free, in another chef's kitchen) placement in Madrid for a rough period of 2 months.
May I know if I need a work permit or any sort of documentation?
Cheers, Gerald

by Gerald on 06 Apr 2016 Read Answer
Willem Koper
Willem Koper

Good morning Willem,

I am currently working in Spain, for a multi-national (Spanish) oil and gas company and I am part of the so-called Beckham law. I am British and a full-time employee on a permanent contract.

In March 2015, I changed roles and had significantly more responsibility (using internal category names, I moved from 'Professional' to 'Senior'). At the time, none of my conditions changed and I did not request this - I saw it as an opportunity to learn more and work towards a promotion at the end of the year.

Since then, I have been informed that as of January 2015, I have been promoted (officially) to the level of 'Senior'. However, my pay and all benefits have been frozen at the previous 'Professional' category level.

Within the organisation we have a very well defined benefits package, which grows with seniority. While my expectations for a base salary rise were low, I had expected to receive the additional benefits package in a similar manner to my category compatriots.

My employer requested I sign a document summarising all this, which I declined. I would like to know if I have grounds to challenge their decision to increase my role scope with no additional benefits.

Thank you in advance,

by Tim Evans on 14 Mar 2016 Read Answer
Willem Koper
Willem Koper

Hi there,

Last month I decided to end my contract with an employer within the probation period as the working conditions were not satisfactory. As stipulated within the convenio for my sector I did not need to give any notice during the period. However, there are some additional clauses added to the end of the contract, which I signed, stating that an employee must give 30 days notice. The company are refusing to pay me for two weeks work. My question is, is this legal, can the additional causes override the "one month" probation period as stated on my contact. Thank you!

by Joshua Robert Ball on 07 Mar 2016 Read Answer
Willem Koper
Willem Koper

Hi, I'm currently in Spain under a Spanish student Visa and have my NIE. Now that I am finished with my studies, I would like to get a work permit to work here. How do I go about changing my legal status to work? Do I need to have a job first? Do I need to get the work permit first? Thanks.

by Zander on 06 Mar 2016 Read Answer

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