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Amazon pulls anti-Semitic website review

Published on January 07, 2005

7 January 2005

BERLIN – An anti-Semitic book review referring to rabbis “rolling in gold” has been posted on Amazon.com’s German website in connection with a book on a World War II battle between the Soviet Red Army and Adolf Hitler’s Wehrmacht.

“The review will be removed as quickly as possible from our website,” a company spokeswoman said on Friday.

The company banned anti-Semitic and racist content from book reviews, said Christine Hoeger, spokeswoman for Amazon’s German division.

The Amazon customer review – dated 29 October 2004 – says the 1945 Battle of Halbe near Berlin was “the last act of a 30 year civil war in which the Christians (the British Empire) and the godless Jews (plutocrats and Bolsheviks) allied to bomb the German speakers in the centre of Europe back into third class status.”

The reviewer, identified only as “kksspeer” from the German city of Celle, goes on to claim it is clear where this led following the 11 September 2001 attacks on the US.

“(US President George W.) Bush and (Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon are standing at the gates of Baghdad. The crusade began in 1914 and found a preliminary end at the Israeli-Palestinian wall. Some rabbis are rubbing their hands and rolling in gold.”

The book reviewed is titled “Der Kessel von Halbe 1945” and describes the last major battle between the Red Army and German forces, about 40 kilometres south of Berlin, in which at least 22,000 people were killed.

Freedom of speech in Germany – in contrast to countries like the US – has certain constitutional and legal limits, especially with regard to the Holocaust and Jews.

Denying that the Holocaust took place is illegal and incitment of anti-Semitism can be prosecuted under the German Criminal code.


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