Bars and clubs in Frankfurt: Variety is the spice

Bars and clubs in Frankfurt: Variety is the spice

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“If variety is the spice of life, then Frankfurt is hot!” writes Lizzie Mason who picks out bars and clubs and Frankfurt to suit all types, from clubbers to those who want to sip a drink in a great atmosphere.

Frankfurt is a city under huge pressure to cater to people from various countries, ages, backgrounds and cultures. It is no surprise then, that the nightlife in Frankfurt is so varied and exciting.

Having been in Frankfurt for a few months now, I have had several opportunities to sample hotspots around the city, and believe me there are plenty to choose from. If you aren’t the clubbing type, but are still keen on pubs and bars, then my advice would be to pop over to Sachsenhausen (try the Rittergasse area) and have a stroll along the watering holes that it has to offer – these being everything from Irish pubs to casual bars, nothing that needs too much dressing up for. Personally, for a night out without getting the clubs involved, I would choose to head towards the area of Bornheim and meander my way down Berger Straße. Here you can find a wide range of pubs and bars, and during the right seasons – such as Oktoberfest time, you can even find the street littered with marquees and fairy lights.

If, like me, you would prefer to end your night in a club, don’t panic. For a central location that’s easy to access, many people head down to ‘Living’, located just opposite the U-Bahn station at Willy-Brandt-Platz. This small but adequate club has a good range of music, offering everything from traditional 90s club music to current UK and USA hits. ‘Living’ also hosts an after work party every Wednesday; turn up in your suit and enjoy the evening clubbing in a slightly more relaxed, midweek kind of way.

 Frankfurt by night: party at Odeon club

I have also had good experiences at ‘Odeon’ (well that’s what the photos seem to suggest!). Slightly less of a rave and more catered to having a good old-fashioned dance and drinking session. I might add that upstairs there are some truly garish animal print sofas – should you choose to relax ‘Odeon’ is a little bit out of the way, so I would recommend it as a single destination only, unless of course you have money to burn on taxi fares. They also have a great website with lots of information about upcoming events as well as regulars, such a student Thursdays. Visit for more information.

To make sure you have the ultimate clubbing experience whilst in Frankfurt, you really should be aiming to end your night at ‘Cocoon’. Not only is the interior decor enough to boggle your mind, but being the creation of Sven Väth (Cocoon Recordings and Cocoon Clubs) certainly has its bonuses too. Including some pretty well known artists like David Guetta and Tiesto as well as Sven himself. More and more DJs are lining up to perform at ‘Cocoon’. To check out the current line-up and other information have a look at the website On a personal level, I would just say this: Go.

Bars and clubs are all well and good, but that’s not all Frankfurt has to offer. This busy, high-flying city can also cater to more alternative tastes. If you want to check out some Indie, Rock, Metal, Grunge etc. then there are a few places that you should try out. Firstly go and explore the ‘Cave’, located in the city centre. The Cave gives a good mix of alternative music without going too far off the beaten track. If you want something a bit heavier or if you are interested in live music, there are other substitutes for the ‘Cave’. Right next to Konstablerwache is a small-looking bar called ‘Nachtleben’, go inside, and head downstairs – here you can often find live music and a good collection of interesting people and drinks. Still not heavy/ grungy enough? You might want to try ‘Final Destination’, also located in the city centre. This is a full-on gothic establishment, some good heavy music and a relevant, slightly cavernous, setting. Searching for any of their names in Google should help you to locate their web pages (with locations, line-ups and opening times) easily.

Photo © Franco Folini
Downtown Frankfurt view by night

Frankfurt has such a range of clubs, bars and other places to have a good time in that it’s difficult to cover them all in one article and the places I’ve picked out are particular favourites of mine, ones that I enjoyed at the time (if not the morning after).


Lizzie Mason

Lizzie MasonBritish Expat Lizzie Mason is based in Frankfurt.

Photo credit: Odeon Club; Franco Folini


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