Young Germans want Holocaust remembered: poll

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The vast majority of young Germans believes their generation must ensure the horrors of Nazism and the Holocaust are never forgotten, nearly 80 years after Hitler came to power, a poll Thursday showed.

Nevertheless, most German youngsters are of the view that a party such as the Nazis could never again rise up in the country, the TNS Infratest survey for the Die Zeit weekly suggested.

Two-thirds (67 percent) of Germans aged between 14 and 19 agreed with the statement: "It is the duty of my generation to ensure that Nazi history and the Holocaust are not forgotten." Only 32 percent disagreed.

Older Germans felt even stronger about this, with 69 percent of those aged 20 to 44 agreeing with the statement and 77 percent of those aged over 45.

The youngest Germans appeared the least concerned that their country's grisly history could repeat itself, with a 71-percent majority of those in the 14-19 age group believing such a party could never again rise to power.

In contrast, 57 percent of the age group 20 to 44 and 61 percent of those over 45 took this view.

But it was the 14-19 age group that felt most personally affected by their country's history, with 59 percent saying they were "ashamed of what the Germans did during Nazism."

Other age groups were split down the middle on the issue.

One thousand people were surveyed for the poll, half of whom were between 14 and 24.

An estimated six million European Jews perished in the Holocaust.

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