Woman suffocated three newborns: German police

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A 32-year-old German woman has admitted to suffocating three of her newborn babies because they cried too much and she felt unable to cope, police said on Thursday.

The Russian-born woman confessed to killing one girl and two boys in September 2004, June 2006 and March 2009, said police and prosecutors in the town of Limburg, near Frankfurt in western Germany.

Autopsies on the first two infants, who died only a few weeks after birth, revealed nothing suspicious and authorities assumed they were victims of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

However, a probe was launched when the third baby died, as authorities said the probability of three cases of SIDS in the same family was exceptionally remote.

During police interrogation, the woman admitted to suffocating the three infants.

"As motivation, the accused said she felt 'completely unable to cope'. All three children cried a lot," said Hans-Joachim Herrchen, a spokesman for prosecutors.

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