Third baby dies in German feeding drip scandal: clinic

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A premature baby has died after receiving an infusion contaminated with bacteria, a German hospital said Tuesday, the third infant to die after being placed on the drip.

The baby, born after only 24 weeks of pregnancy, died on Monday evening, said Norbert Pfeiffer, the director of the clinic in the western city of Mainz.

"This child was one of the five children who were in a critical condition. We feared the worst for this baby because it was born extremely prematurely," Pfeiffer said in a statement.

The baby was one of 11 who received a tainted feeding drip on Friday. Two infants died a day later, although it is not clear the contamination was directly to blame, as they were already receiving intensive care.

The bacteria were discovered by the clinic's microbiology centre.

Prosecutors have launched an investigation for possible charges of involuntary manslaughter and bodily harm.

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