Swedish broadcaster fails to spark interest with gay TV

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A Swedish television channel has been left nonplussed by lack of interest in a week of shows devoted to gay culture

A Swedish TV station has seen a bold move backfire after it failed to attract viewers for a much vaunted week of shows devoted to homosexuality.

The Kanal Fem, or Channel 5, network decided to broadcast a week of gay-themed programs in conjunction with Europa Pride, a gay festival in which homosexual men and women march to show that they are not ashamed of their sexual orientation.

Several hours a day were set aside for shows aimed at Gay people or which dealt with homosexuality, including the primetime 8pm to midnight slots, and the channel's logo was given a rainbow-coloured makeover for the duration. Unfortunately for the Kanal Fem directors, the station saw a thirty percent reduction in viewers from the week before.

Despite the negative viewing figures, the channel is still claiming the event to be a success, with press spokesman Dan Panas telling Stockholm's Dagens Nyheter, "We didn't do this as a viewer magnet, this was a special campaign in an otherwise still summer week and we are just showing that we are with the times and understand what is happening."

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