Swedish boar hunters beaten amid Tunis chaos

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Twelve Swedish boar hunters were dragged out of their taxis in Tunis on Sunday and beaten by local residents who said they were "foreign terrorists" amid gun battles in the city, the hunters said.

"We arrived about 10 days ago in Tunisia to hunt boars. We boarded three taxis today to go to the airport and while we were on our way we were stopped at a checkpoint," Ove Oberg told reporters in a hotel in central Tunis.

Five other hunters were with Oberg at the Africa hotel.

"They searched the vehicles. They found our rifles and everything degenerated. They dragged us out of the cars, treated us like foreign terrorists. We were kicked and beaten," he said.

Oberg and the five others had a bloodied face and bruises. Oberg said he had no news of three other Swedes who were with him including his brother.

"The police arrived. We showed our permits and we could explain to them. The police helped us get out of the situation. The only thing we want now is to go home," said the man, who was visibly still in shock.

A senior police officer said on state television earlier that several people including four German nationals had been arrested after being found carrying weapons inside three taxis in the capital.

"We arrested four German nationals and others of different nationalities. I don't know the number or the nationalities of the other foreigners," the officer said, without giving further details.

The incident took place near the headquarters of the main opposition party, the PDP, where a gunfight broke out around the time of the arrests.

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  • SalahGo posted:

    on 16th January 2011, 23:56:36 - Reply

    Are you serious? Must be kidding right?
    It's true that they shouldn't have been beaten
  • SalahGo posted:

    on 16th January 2011, 23:56:32 - Reply

    Are you serious? Must be kidding right?
    It's true that they shouldn't have been beaten