Star German TV weatherman cleared of rape

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Germany's best-known television weatherman was acquitted of raping a girlfriend Tuesday in a case that riveted the country and raised questions about media coverage of high-profile trials.

The regional court in the southwestern city of Mannheim found Swiss-born presenter Joerg Kachelmann, 52, not guilty of sexually assaulting his partner at knife-point after an argument.

Presiding judge Michael Seidling said as he read out the verdict to a packed courtroom that the prosecution had failed to make its case beyond a reasonable doubt during the eight-month-long trial.

"None of the evidence is in itself sufficient to prove the guilt or even the innocence of the accused," he said.

Seidling added that Kachelmann was entitled to compensation for the four months he spent in pretrial detention as well as his legal costs.

Kachelmann was popular throughout the German-speaking world for his rollicking weather reports on public broadcaster ARD before his shock arrest last year.

The accuser, a now 38-year-old radio presenter with whom he had an on-again, off-again relationship for 13 years, had said Kachelmann attacked her in her apartment after a dispute about another woman.

She testified he held a kitchen knife with an eight-centimetre-long (three-inch-long) blade to her throat and raped her.

But doubts soon surfaced about her accounts, along with allegations that prosecutors had ignored exculpatory evidence while building their case.

Critics said the blanket media coverage of the accusations against Kachelmann as well his affairs with several other women had destroyed his career before a verdict could be delivered.

Meanwhile women's rights groups said the intense scrutiny of the accuser in the press would keep actual victims of sexual assault from going to the police.

The burly Kachelmann with a lilting Swiss accent had been a fixture on ARD newscasts since 2002 and had a major following for his fanciful descriptions of precipitation, clouds and the jet stream.

He became an Internet phenomenon two years ago when a large tabby cat wandered onto the set during a broadcast and he scooped it into his arms and continued his report. The clip drew more than 1.1 million hits on YouTube.

ARD recruited him to its team covering the Winter Olympics in Vancouver soon after the alleged rape. He was arrested at Frankfurt airport upon his return from Canada.

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