Serb neo-Nazi leader extradited from Germany: officials

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Germany has handed the Serbian leader of a neo-Nazi movement to Belgrade after he fled the country to avoid a prison sentence, justice officials said Thursday.

Goran Davidovic, the leader of the Nacionalni Stroj (National Alignment) group, was handed to Serbian authorities at Belgrade airport, state secretary Slobodan Homen told local media.

"As soon as the police procedure is finished, he would be transferred to a prison," Homen told Belgrade B92 television.

Davidovic, 35, was arrested in February in the southeastern German town of Traunstein on an international arrest warrant issued by the Serbian Justice Ministry for failing to serve a one-year prison term.

In 2006, Davidovic, nicknamed "The Fuhrer", was sentenced to jail for spreading religious, national and racial hatred. The verdict was confirmed by Serbia's top legal body, the Supreme Court in 2008.

Immediately after the Supreme Court ruling, Davidovic fled Serbia and was living in Italy until he was arrested there last April.

Italian authorities released him in June pending a decision on an extradition request from Belgrade and Davidovic fled again, this time to Germany.

The Nacionalni stroj has its seat in Serbia's Vojvodina district, the most ethnically diverse region of the country. It rails against gypsies, Jews and anti-fascists.

After a number of attention-grabbing initiatives in the early years of the decade their public profile waned following Davidovic's 2006 trial.

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