SPD push for easier access to dual citizenship

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The SPD have called for a relaxation of Germany's strict laws on holding dual citizenship which require immigrant children to make a choice between Germany and their family's home country

Berlin -- The Social Democrats (SPD) wish to make dual citizenship a possibility in the long term for the children of immigrants in Germany.

Sebastian Edathy, chairman of the Committee of the Interior, a parliamentary working group, said that in the coming years hundreds of thousands of young adults should not be forced to give up their citizenship.

Since 2000 all children born in Germany automatically receive German citizenship. At present dual nationals between 18 and 23 must make a choice between German citizenship or that of their parents' country.

Following a ruling, foreign children under the age of 10 may also receive a German passport but they too are compelled to make a choice between Germany and the second state at the age of 18.

Christian Democrat interior minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has categorically refused a liberalisation of legislation on dual citizenship.


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