SAND journal is accepting submissions for its spring 2011 issue

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Berlin’s many neighborhoods each have their own, unique character, and we think they each are brimming with stories. SAND is looking for your creative input, essays, flash-fiction, poetry and art that gives a view of your local microcosm in Berlin, in your own city, or in a place entirely imagined.

Not sure which direction to take? We’ve come up with a list of inspirational topics:How do you describe a neighborhood? If your Kiez was a body part, which would it be? If you had to choose one street to represent all of humanity to a group of aliens, which would it be, and why?

Show us your neighborhood, by bike, by car, from above, from below. Visual or written maps of your neighborhood are especially welcome: a map of memories, of smells, of history, of people, of places where everything went wrong. Where can you hide? What ghosts are looming  over your neighborhood? What is gone? What does neighborhood mean abstractly?  Where do you get a cup of coffee, buy a bagel, go out for a beer? Where do you  feel afraid?

What flag or motto would you give to your locale? What do you hear? Taste? Feel? What accidents, tragedies, historical moments have there been?  Where and what are the borders and barriers of your neighborhood? Is there a corresponding sister area in other cities or countries (i.e. West Berlin is the  Upper East Side; Prenzlauerberg is the West Village; or Schöneberg is Chelsea). 

Who is your dentist? Your produce guy? The corner tobacco seller? What kinds of  street games do people play? What would you change about your street? What  languages are in your neighborhood? What colors? Who would you ban? What do you  love?

If you’re still not sure, send us your pitches to
Deadline for Submissions: January 15, 2011.

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