Nuclear power: top producers worldwide

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Germany's decision to give up nuclear energy production by 2022 would reduce the total number of commercial reactors worldwide by less than four percent.

With a total of 17 units out of 440 worldwide, the country has 3.8% of the world's operable nuclear power reactors, according to data from the World Nuclear Association.

The following figures show the 10 biggest nuclear energy-producing nations worldwide, listed in terms of total output as of 2009.

The table also shows the total number of operable reactors for each state, as of April this year, and the percentage of total demand that is provided by nuclear energy.

Eight of Germany's reactors are currently not supplying energy to the power grid, and the Berlin authorities say the present share of nuclear power in the country's total energy output is 22%.

As of 2009, nuclear energy accounted for 13.8% of total world production of electrical energy, according to the World Nuclear Association.

The catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 this year knocked several of that country's nuclear reactors out of action.

(1) Expressed in terawatthours, or billions of kilowatt-hours, in 2009.

(2) Nuclear's percentage of national electricity production, also in 2009.

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