Near-miss at JFK with Lufthansa, Egypt Air jets

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US authorities said Wednesday they were investigating a near-miss at New York's John F. Kennedy airport involving aircraft from Germany's Lufthansa and Egypt Air.

In Monday's incident, Lufthansa flight 411, an Airbus A340, halted its takeoff to avoid Egypt Air 986, a Boeing 777, a Federal Aviation Administration statement said, adding that it was investigating "the closest proximity" of the two planes.

The FAA said the Munich-bound Lufthansa flight "was cleared for takeoff on Runway 22 Right by air traffic control."

At the same time "the pilot of Egypt Air 986 read back the taxi instructions correctly; however failed to turn as instructed" and "crossed the hold short line for Runway 22R" which is 250 feet (76 meters) short of Runway 22R, according to the FAA.

"Egypt Air 986 did not enter the runway. Air traffic control instructed Lufthansa 411 to stop its takeoff roll," and the jet stopped before it reached the Egypt Air plane, the statement said.

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