Nazi Wikipedia charges dropped

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Charges made against the online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, were dropped after a left wing politician accused the site of promoting Nazi symbols and imagery.

9th December 2007


Katina Schubert, deputy of the far-left Left Party reported the website after noticing the Nazi influenced imagery especially in the article dealing with the Hitler Youth, which contains Nazi symbols such as the swastika, propoganda posters promoting the Hitler Youth and pictures of the boys in uniform.


Schubert decided not to take the case further once she had spoken to Wikimedia Deutschland, which manages the entries regarding Germany.


"Filing charges is obviously the wrong path to go down in this dispute so I am today withdrawing them after intensive discussions with Wikimedia," Schubert stated on the Left party's web site.


However, she also said that she said she  still believed that neo-Nazis could take advantage of such sites.


Wikimedia Deutshland denied the charges asserting that any use of symbols and imagery on their website was purely for educational purposes.




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