Lufhansa set to be flying by the afternoon

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A company statement says Lufthansa flights will be back to normal by late Friday after another round of staff strikes

Frankfurt-- A pilot strike at a regional subsidiary of Germany's Lufthansa was causing new cancellations of 140 flights on Friday morning, but the airline expected air traffic to be back on target by the afternoon, the company said.

Only 30 out of 170 flights of Lufthansa wholly-owned subsidiary Lufthansa CityLine GmbHwould were taking place as scheduled, but the strike would be over by noon, the airline said.

A spokeswoman of the Cockpit Pilots Union confirmed this. The strike would end as planned after 36 hours, she said, adding that the union wanted to give the airline time to present a new pay offer.

The strike, which began at midnight Thursday, hit all 15 airports used by CityLine, prompting hundreds of cancellations to domestic and European destinations.

The pilots demand a "substantial pay increase" without specifying a particular raise, but rejecting CityLine's most recent offer of a pay rise 5.5 per cent for 18 months coupled with a once-off payment of 5000 to 7000 euro.

Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Dusseldorf airports were worst affected by the strike, which is aimed at securing the same pay rates for CityLine pilots as for those at Lufthansa.

The walkout was the latest in a series of strikes hitting Lufthansa since last week, including pilot strikes at CityLine and Eurowings Luftverkehr AG, of which Lufthansa owns 49 per cent, as well as a five-day strike by Lufthansa ground and cabin staff last week.



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