Love-struck Pole plunges into trouble

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A Pole on holiday in Germany jumped from a ship into a chilly lake to prove his love to his wife, but instead lost his trousers, his wallet, and ended up being fined, police said Thursday.

The 29-year-old man, who was not named, sprang from the deck of a tourist ship into the 15 degree Celsius (59 Fahrenheit) waters of Lake Moehne in western Germany on Wednesday.

Fearing a suicide bid, the captain summoned both the police and the fire brigade, Soest police spokesman Winfried Schnieders told AFP.

The holiday-maker was rescued, minus trousers and wallet which he lost in the jump, and was fined by the fire department for wasting its time.

He said he just wanted "to prove his love to his wife", Schnieders said.

The wife, however, "was not amused", he added.

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