Libyan charged with spying on opposition in Germany

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German federal prosecutors said Monday they had charged a Libyan man with acting as a spy in Germany to collect information on exiled members of the Libyan opposition.

The suspect, identified only as 46-year-old Omar K., stands accused of monitoring the Libyan opposition in Germany between May 2010 and his arrest in September, the federal prosecutor's office said in a statement.

Omar K. is believed to have reported to his superior officer in Germany in return for payment. A Berlin court sentenced the officer, identified only as Abdel A., and a member of his network to jail terms last week.

"In addition, (Omar K.) is believed to have made contact under orders with an important foreign opposition figure with the aim of infiltrating dissident groups to obtain information relevant to the secret services," the statement said.

German police arrested Omar K. in the eastern city of Halle on September 21.

Libya was among 17 countries and three territories listed by US watchdog Freedom House last year as having "extremely oppressive environments, with minimal basic rights and persistent human rights violations."

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