Greens push Ypsilanti on coalition decision

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The Green party in Hesse is encouraging SPD leader Andrea Ypsilanti to make her mind up over coalition partners in her effort to secure presidency of the state

The Greens/Bundnis 90 in Hesse have encouraged SPD leader Andrea Ypsilanti to resolve the issue of her preferred coalition partner in running for the presidency of the state.

The SPD are open to negotiation with the The Left party (Die Linke) to support Ypsilanti's candidacy, whilst the Greens are prepared to support the SPD in coalition in return for power within any SPD led state government.

Green chief Reinhardt Buetikofer told the Passauer neuer Presse that the SPD needed to evaluate if the Left were in a position "to have a modicum of political responsibility."

He voiced his surprise "that until now the SPD has not entered into any talks to evaluate the reliability of The Left as a political partner".

The masssive growth of The Left in the past two years has put them in a strong position within Germany's often coalition led political system, setting themselves out as a possible partner for the SPD whose very support it is taking.

Meanwhile more liberal figures within the SPD have questioned both the viablity and morals of Ypsilanti allying her parliamentary faction with The Left.

"The relationship of The Left to the democratic state and the constitution must be explained", opined Silke Tesch, spokeswoman for the central wing of the SPD representation in the Hessen state parliament.

Although The Left may not become a power sharing partner, it is generally perceived that they would tolerate a minority government formed of a Green-SPD coalittion. Currently Hessen's presidency is held by the CDU's Roland Koch.

Koch has had a frosty relationship with Ypsilanti, previously labeling her a "communist" during his election campaign. At present the representation between the SPD and CDU is very finely balanced with the CDU clinging to power thanks to a coalition with the economically liberal FDP. The FDP have meanwhile declared themselves open to power-sharing with any party other than The Left


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