Germany to grant grandparents paid baby care leave

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Germany is to create a new form of welfare, grandparental leave, so that teen mothers can get back to school and leave the nappy-changing to the grandparents, the Family Ministry in Berlin says.

17th January 2008

Berlin (dpa) - The federally funded grants, lasting up to 14 months from birth, will be an extension of Germany's parental leave grants, which are scaled to previous income and encourage working couples to take a break.

A parent, and soon a working-age grandparent, has a legal right to their old job once their leave expires. Only one of the parents or grandparents can claim the grant at any one time.

Berlin aides said the details had not been finalised, but the leave would only apply if a father or mother were under 18 and still at school. The ministry said 0.9 per cent of German births were to under-18 mothers.


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