German school killer fantasized on net before massacre

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Tim Kretschmer, the German teenager who killed 15 people in a massacre in March, wrote online before the killings that he would think about ‘killing everybody’ if he only had a week to live, said officials.

Berlin -- The 17-year-old who killed 15 people at a school in Germany in March fantasized in an Internet chat room about "killing everybody," it emerged on Wednesday.

Tim Kretschmer, who killed nine pupils and three teachers at his old school on March 11 plus three passers-by, took part in a discussion about what he would do if he had a week to live, a spokesman for the portal said.

"Well I would definitely think about fucking stuff up,” wrote Kretschmer, whose user name was "JawsPredator1." “Killing everybody, hate and all that, and I'm sure loads of people would do so too.”

“I just mean you would be famous and stay in people's memories," he said, adding later: "That would be really fun. It would be less fun for the victims' relatives."

He also cited as an inspiration Ted Bundy, saying the notorious 1970s American serial killer would still be remembered "in 500 years."

The entries have been deleted by but can still be found on the Internet, and spokesman Kai Hummel confirmed their authenticity to AFP, although he was unable to say when the entries were made.

Kretscher deleted his profile three days before his massacre in the southern town of Winnenden, Hummel said. The teenager, who took the pistol he used from his father's bedroom, shot himself in a shootout with police.

"We have been wondering why the police has written nothing about this because immediately after what happened they secured his whole profile and his entries," Hummel said.

Shortly after the massacre an Internet warning attributed to Kretschmer surfaced but it turned out to be a hoax.


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