German faces Slovenia extradition over alleged terrorism

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Slovenia has begun an extradition procedure against a German national detained last month, a court announced Friday, as media reported the arrest was over alleged terrorism.

"A German citizen was detained based on a European arrest warrant issued by Germany," the court in Murska Sobota, in northeastern Slovenia, said in a statement sent to AFP.

"The extradition procedure is under way but it is still too early to say when the extradition will take place," it added.

On Thursday, Slovenian media reported that two German citizens had been detained in October on terrorism charges under a European arrest warrant issued by Germany.

Drago Menegalija, a central police spokesman, told AFP: "The detainees are suspected of spreading intolerance and hatred, they are not charged with committing any violent actions."

Only one of the Germans, a 25-year-old man, was arrested under the European warrant, local police also specified Friday. Based on the warrant, the man was now under 30-day detention.

Meanwhile, a German woman accompanying him has been released.

The two were detained on October 21 in Dobrovnik, in northeastern Slovenia, after officers found they had no identification documents with them, police said in a statement, without revealing their identities.

A week later, the woman attacked a police officer in the nearby town of Radenci and was detained again, the statement added.

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