German clairvoyant sues client for unpaid fees

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A clairvoyant sued a client for 7,000 euros (9,200 dollars) in unpaid fees in Germany's highest court on Thursday on top of 35,000 euros he had already handed over.

The fortune-teller's lawyer told the Federal Appeals Court in Karlsruhe, southwest Germany, that she was entitled to charge for her professional services just like a priest exorcising a house with holy water.

Her client, who is in his 40s, sought out the fortune-teller's supernatural services in "life coaching" in 2008 in the hope of winning back his girlfriend, and was "drawn into her world like into a sect," his lawyer said.

The judge in his opening remarks signalled doubts that the plaintiff had a leg to stand on, since magic was not a proper basis for a contract. A verdict is not expected for several weeks.

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