Festivals in Germany in November

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11 November sees the beginning of International underground film festiva Exground Filmfest and St. Martin's Day.


Exground Filmfest

November (time and date to be announced)

Exground is an international underground film festival that showcases everything from independent feature films to documentaries to shorts. Each year, the film fest has a special focus on a country and on a director.


St. Martin's Day
November 11
Various places throughout Germany

St. Martin's Day is the feast day of Martin of Tours, who began his life as a Roman soldier and later ended up a monk. St. Martin's most famous deed is that he once cut his cloak in half to share with a beggar during a snowstorm, thereby saving the beggar's life. That night, Martin dreamed that the beggar he had helped was Jesus.

On St. Martin's Day, which is celebrated in many areas in Germany, children go from house to house with paper lanterns and candles and sing songs about St. Martin in return for treats. Many places also have public festivals to celebrate the saint that include re-enactments of St. Martin's donation of his cloak and the serving of the traditional dish of roast goose, or Martinsgans.

AFP PHOTO DDP / JOERG KOCHChurch goers wearing traditional Bavarian clother attend a Christmas Eve mass at St Martin's church in the southern German town of Waakirchen


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