EU consults with NATO on Libya aid mission

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The European Union and NATO strengthened their coordination Friday for a potential EU military mission to deliver urgent humanitarian aid to Libya's shell-shocked city of Misrata.

One day after attending an Arab League meeting on Libya in Cairo, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton met NATO foreign ministers in Berlin to discuss ties between the two organisations and the situation in Libya.

"We also remain seriously concerned about the humanitarian situation in Libya and stand ready, if requested by the UN, to send an EU mission to support humanitarian efforts," Ashton said.

"Pending the request, the planning is at an advanced stage. And in this context we are coordinating with others, including NATO," she said in a statement after the talks.

The discussions came after the EU overcame Swedish objections to a potential military-humanitarian mission as the bloc approved the first phase of planning for such an operation, a European diplomat said.

The EU and NATO agreed to hold an informal meeting at the level of ambassadors to discuss Libya in the coming weeks, to "avoid a doubling up (of operations) and adjust their activities," a German diplomat said.

The two organisations have exchanged their operational plans for Libya in case the United Nations asks the EU to send a mission to Libya, a NATO official said.

The EU has yet to make any final decision on a mission to Libya, which would likely include the deployment of ships. Any mission would need the green light from the UN.

But Ashton told UN chief Ban Ki-moon last week that the bloc was ready to use military means to bring urgent aid to Misrata, a rebel-held city besieged by Moamer Kadhafi's forces for nearly two months.

Any mission would have to be coordinated with NATO since the 28-nation military alliance has deployed several warships and jets in the Mediterranean to enforce an arms embargo and a no-fly zone on Libya.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said this week that the EU should lead any humanitarian mission, not the alliance.

"It is also a bit of a controversial question to have a military organisation to take part in the delivery of humanitarian assistance," Rasmussen said on Monday.

The Libya foreign ministry warned Monday that "any attempt to approach Libyan territory under the cover of a humanitarian mission will be met with staunch armed resistance."

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  • tre posted:

    on 15th April 2011, 17:41:44 - Reply

    it might be safer to retreat/ flee, if its not nessicary to advance in order to receive or provide food, water, shelter, sanitation, medical treatment, healthcare, search for innocent victims, rescue, evacuation, or to improve the saftey and health for yourself or others.
    give them the option to flee to a safe refugee/life-sustaining location. They might be fighting and putting themselves in danger because there isnt enough food water shelter medical sanitation being provided to the people that need it the most.
    doesnt matter if you are armed or not, refugees and people that are trying to evcauate and flee from violence need medical food water shelter sanitation evacuation search and rescue now. help and rescue victims that want to flee.

    request more voulentary workers to make/provide/send food water sanitaiton and medical supplies.
    sewage treated into drinking water system, seeds, (spinach, greenpepper, cucumber, tomatoe, onion, potatoe, strawberry, melon, beats, broclie, soybean, sunflower, wheat, rice, beans),(greenhouse or growlight, fogponics) system that turns sludge, nuclear waste, radioactive waste, plastic waste, waste oil, hazordous waste, carbon, and garbage into fuel/oil/petrol/gas. That gas turns into hydrogen. Per person- about at least 270seeds. compressed dry food. about a 1ft by 1 ft by 7 ft, to last 90days, per person. at least 189,000. calories for 90 days, 2100cals per day. 5Gallon drinking water/day. 5-15gallon crop growing water for 90days. drinking growing water for 90days= 455-555gals.