Disbelief in Kosovo over Frankfurt airport attack

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Relatives of the alleged Kosovar gunman who killed two US soldiers in an attack in Frankfurt on Thursday said they were astonished about his reported extremist views.

"He himself only knows what he has done. I would never believe that he could do something like that," the suspect's grandfather, Avdullah Bejta, an imam in Mitrovica told Kosovo radio.

The killing of two US airmen "has touched all of us in the heart," he said, stressing that "the Muslim religion does not preach killing and violence."

Reports quoted witnesses as saying that the gunman, identified by police sources here as Arid Aku, cried "Allahu Akhbar" ("God is Greatest") before opening fire in the bus at one of Europe's busiest airports.

In Kosovo analysts said the suspect, born and raised in Germany according to Kosovo media, was not a product of Kosovo's fiercely nationalist but moderately Muslim society.

"He is not a product of the Kosovo society. If he was an extremist he took that identity there, where he was born and has lived, and not here," religious expert Isa Ukella told AFP.

According to Ukella in this society "the national identity dominates over the religious one."

Kosovo declared independence from former rulers Serbia in 2008 and has since been lobbying to increase international recognition of its status. It has been recognised by 75 nations including a majority of European Union countries and the United States.

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  • ILIR posted:

    on 3rd March 2011, 22:33:49 - Reply

    you're spot on! my condolences to the US servicemen who were killed and injured. i don't have any condolences for the gunman's family. they're to blame partially for raising a moron. i suggest we handcuff him and use him as a shield when kicking down doors in afghanistan. that will surely expedite his journey to paradise at the cost of his "brothers" bullet.
  • Highlander posted:

    on 3rd March 2011, 21:30:47 - Reply

    He is a product of history!
    1-500 of Turkish conversion NY the sword.
    2-200 years of Serbian persecution in the name of Orthodox
    3-lack of education of not knowing that Albanians are catholic
    4-poverty which makes the weak vulnerable to extremist ideology

    Excuse! NO! Kill the coward!
    My condolences go out to the victims family and I would like to apologize in the name of all Albanians for his cowardly act.
  • Mike posted:

    on 3rd March 2011, 21:16:55 - Reply

    Not shocking at all actually. You can recall just a few years ago that there were a group of Albanians from Kosovo who tried to do the same thing at Fort Dix in the US. Yes, he is a product of what Kosovo has now become.