Child killer unlikely to enjoy damages award: prosecutor

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A murderer awarded damages because German police threatened him with violence in an attempt to find out where he was holding a kidnapped boy is unlikely to enjoy the money, an official said Friday.

A court on Thursday awarded Magnus Gaefgen, 36, more than 3,000 euros ($4,265) in damages because his "human dignity" was violated when police threatened him with "unimaginable pain" if he did not reveal his victim's whereabouts.

Gaefgen, who had in fact already killed the 11-year-old, was arrested after picking up a ransom. The boy's body was later found in a lake.

Doris Moeller-Scheu, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office in Frankfurt where Gaefgen was jailed for life for the 2002 murder, said the damages would likely go towards paying off part of the 71,000 euros still owed by him for earlier court costs.

"The matter is currently under review and will be decided once the award for damages has been made final," she said.

In awarding Gaefgen 3,000 euros plus interest, presiding judge Christoph Hefter on Thursday said the killer had been the victim of "serious rights violations" that could not be rectified under German law without the payment of compensation.

The policeman who questioned Gaefgen after the child's disappearance, along with a senior colleague, wase convicted of making threats in 2004 and fined but their sentences were suspended.

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  • Californian News posted:

    on 16th August 2011, 19:19:21 - Reply

    He is not the only criminal scumbag, who committed crimes against children, which the cops and justice system let go free:
    That Guy ( D.O.B. July 03, 1980 in Armenia / former UdSSR / Registered Alien-Number A # 098662946 )
    and his wife Margarita Volujskij ( D.O.B. September 16, 1982 in Karaganda / Kazakhstan / former UdSSR ) escaped with false papers to california.
    Their address is known by German and american officials and law enforcement, and both criminals are wanted by German and american courts with several warrants, but they still on the loose.
    See this documentation about them: [url][/url]
  • niwde posted:

    on 6th August 2011, 22:03:06 - Reply

    In Saudi Arabia adulterers, homosexuals and drug addicts also get their heads chopped off. Not to mention it's one of the few places in the world where witchhunt is still being practiced. Do us all who live in Europe a favour and keep your recommendations on reforming the local justice system to yourself, until you stop dwelling in the Middle Ages at least.
  • edwin posted:

    on 5th August 2011, 23:49:35 - Reply

    I live in Saudi Arabia. Anyone who abducts and murders a child gets his head chopped off here. And that's the "damage" this perv deserves to be awarded...